Cheese gift sets

Our gift sets are delicious and atmospheric sets of cheeses, snacks, sweets, which are perfectly selected by our professional sommeliers. Each gift set is a unique, delicious story that will give you unforgettable moments and impressions.

Why should you choose our gift sets?

Each of us is looking for something special and unique when choosing a gift. But usually there is not enough time to find something really great. We made sure that you always have an answer to the question "What to give?", even when a gift is needed "for yesterday". Our gift sets are something that's always appropriate, something that causes a "wow" reaction in the recipient, something that won't be re-gifted, and something you won't find anywhere else.

Who are our gift sets for?

We have gift sets for any occasion: Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter. We offer gift set ideas for men and women, for mom, dad, relatives, girlfriend, friend, gifts for the boss or for colleagues.

The main character of our gift sets is cheese, we have Dutch cheeses for every taste: cow, goat, aged, with additives, as well as cheeses with mold and such unusual cheeses as caramel Gudbrandsdalen. We add sauces, jams and jams to cheeses for perfect combinations, as well as exclusive snacks and author's sweets.

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